Who is Scott?

Scott is Scott Luebking (1951 – 2009), a pioneer and visionary who was a long time member of Berkeley’s disability community. He was a computer engineer and disability advocate who worked long and tirelessly on a number of issues including accessible voting and improving access to medical services.

One of the major issues Scott worked on throughout his life in Berkeley was attendant care and recruiting people to become attendants. Scott strongly believed that people with disabilities should be able to hire from a good pool of attendants, and that attendant work can provide individuals with rewarding employment. He was particularly interested in tapping into the large potential labor force of college students at U.C. Berkeley and other individuals for whom part-time, early morning or late night hours might be ideal. Scott also believed the internet could aid in this effort, a novel idea at the time.

In 2001 Scott created an internet program and list called “Berkeley-Attendants” to which individuals wishing to become attendants could post their skills and interests. People with disabilities subscribed to the list to access potential workers’ profiles. With the assistance of a committee of community members and staff of the Center for Independent Living, Scott developed a web-based interest form for attendants to complete, negotiated the technical issues posed by this project, and managed the list serve right up until his passing. Over the years, this particular website became one of the most frequently visited links on CIL’s website.

It is with gratitude we continue Scott’s Attendant List in his memory.

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